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We’ve got you covered! Our College List Generator™ understands what matters to you when it comes to choosing a college and can help you create a balanced list. Read below to find out more about our methodology.

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From the academic programs offered to the overall campus culture, the College List Generator™ will help you to identify, evaluate, and prioritize the criteria most important to you.

Student Survey Data

How better to learn about the life of a student than from students themselves?

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Big or small? Urban or rural? Our tool wants you to find your perfect campus setting.

Program Rankings

Filter for schools that will best cater to your academic interests and strengths.

Easy as 1…2…3…

Going beyond simple rankings that churn out basic lists without much variation, this tool helps you to consider schools that might have been off your radar, offering stronger, more personalized options for reaches, matches, and safeties to include in building your comprehensive list.

College List Generator™

Our tool works by considering what kind of student you are and want to be in college and suggesting schools that will provide the best environment for you to thrive.

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